An overview of the Axelar Network

Axelar Network delivers secure cross-chain communication for Web3.

Squid is made possible via Axelar's technology, and utilises Generalised Message Passing.

Squid's payments can be executed atomically with other cross-chain logic passed via Axelar, so users only need to submit a single transaction to carry out arbitrarily complex tasks.

Squid is the go-to liquidity module for developers building on top of Axelar. Wherever cross-chain payments are needed, Squid can be easily imported with a few lines of code.

For more detail, visit their documentation:

What is the difference between Squid and Axelar?

Axelar is like internet infrastructure for blockchains. It allows you to do anything between any chain, securely. Squid is an application which uses which uses Axelar's network to send assets between chains, swap them, and use them easily on each chain. Axelar makes it possible to connect all applications and users on all chains, but Squid actually connects them, letting users access apps with a single click, no matter where their wallet is.

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