Fallback behaviour on failed transactions

What happens when the destination transaction fails?

There are two cases where a failure can occur across chain:

  1. Prices have moved drastically while waiting for the cross chain message to be executed, further than slippage has allowed for.

  2. If a contract call is requested by the integrator, and the contract call is faulty, the entire destination chain transaction will fail.

In either of these cases, the Squid smart contracts will revert and send the bridged tokens to the toAddress. Currently, axlUSDC is the only bridged token used in routes, so the user will receive axlUSDC. The user will then need to swap axlUSDC to their desired token manually. Squid is developing a recovery which streamlines this process, but for now the user must visit a local DEX, or use Squid to swap back across chains.

What happens if Axelar goes offline for a scheduled upgrade or fails?

Transactions are safe, but will be stuck "in transit" until the Axelar Network comes back online.

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