What is a bridge?

A bridge locks the native token into a contract on the source chain and mints a "synthetic" or "wrapped" token on the destination chain.

What is a swap?

A swap is the exchange of one token for another.

A cross-chain swap is the exchange of one token on one blockchain to another token from another blockchain.

Is Squid a Bridge?

Squid is not a bridge, Squid uses Axelar's bridge and generalised message passing to enable swaps and token transfers across chains.

What is the fee structure?

Squid charges no fees, and does not take margin on gas.

The user will pay for gas on the source chain and destination chain using the native token as per Axelar's gas service.

Has the protocol been Audited?

Yes, by Ackee Blockchain and Consensys Diligence.

How will Squid scale?

Axelar's Hub & Spoke design allows us to scale rapidly. We integrating with partners across the space and will continue expand our feature set.

What DEXs do you use to perform the swap?

We are DEX agnostic, but will be usually using Curve for the stable swaps, and major DEXs on each chain for the native token swaps, including Uniswap, Pangolin and Stellaswap.

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