Interchain Token(ITS) Listings

What are Interchain Tokens?

Interchain Tokens are ERC-20 tokens that can be made available on multiple blockchains while preserving their native qualities. This allows for seamless management of token features and supply across different chains. These tokens operate on open-source code through smart contracts on public blockchains, secured by a dynamic validator set.

Key Features of the Interchain Token Service:

  1. Preserves Native Token Qualities:

    • Interchain Tokens maintain their native characteristics and features across all supported blockchains.

  2. Unified EVM Address:

    • Interchain Tokens can have canonical versions on multiple blockchains, all sharing a single EVM address.

  3. Flexible Token Creation:

    • Create new Interchain Tokens or upgrade existing ERC-20 tokens to become Interchain Tokens.

  4. Ease of Management:

    • Manage token features and supply efficiently across different chains using familiar ERC-20 methods like send, transfer, and approve.

Creating and Managing Interchain Tokens:

  • Creating New Interchain Tokens:

  • Upgrading Existing Tokens:

    • Upgrade existing ERC-20 tokens to canonical Interchain Tokens, or link tokens deployed on multiple chains.

For more detailed guidance on creating and managing Interchain Tokens, visit the Axelar Documentation.

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