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This guide will walk you through the process using the Axelar Configs CLI Wizard and allow you to list

Summary to List a Token and Interchain Token on Squid

  1. Access the Interactive Form:

    • Run the wizard command to access the interactive form.

  2. Follow the Command Flow:

    • Follow the prompts and steps as outlined in the command flow to list your token on Squid.

Getting Started

Before listing a token, ensure your system meets the minimum runtime requirements:

  • git

  • bun >= 1.0 OR npm

To install bun, run the following command:

bashCopy codecurl -fsSL | bash

Once you have bun or nodejs installed, clone the Axelar Configs repository:

bashCopy codegit clone

Navigate into the cloned repository:

bashCopy codecd axelar-configs

Install the necessary dependencies:

bashCopy codebun i

Running the Wizard

You can start the wizard using one of the following commands:

bashCopy codebun wizard


bashCopy codepnpm wizard


bashCopy codenpm run wizard

The wizard currently allows you to:

  • List an interchain token on Squid

  • Add a Cosmos/EVM chain config

  • Add a Cosmos/EVM asset list config

List Squid Token Command Flow

The command flow for listing a new interchain token on Squid is as follows:

  1. Prompt for Information:

    • The command starts by prompting the user for various details:

      • It asks if the token has been registered via the ITS portal.

      • It requests the URL of the token details, including the token address and environment.

  2. Construct API URLs:

    • The wizard constructs API URLs to search for the token and fetch its details.

  3. Perform API Requests:

    • It performs API requests to search for the token and fetch its details. If the API requests fail, it proceeds with empty data.

  4. Parse Token Details:

    • The fetched token details are parsed into an interchain token configuration.

  5. Save Configuration:

    • The command asks the user if they want to save the configuration to a local file.

    • If the user chooses to save, the local token list configuration is updated with the new token.

  6. Check for Existing Token:

    • It checks if the token already exists in the token list. If it does, the command exits with an error.

  7. Create a Pull Request:

    • If the user opts to create a PR, the wizard performs the following actions:

      • Creates a new Git branch.

      • Adds the updated token list configuration to the branch.

      • Commits the changes.

      • Pushes the branch to the remote repository.

For a detailed command flow and further instructions, refer to the Axelar Configs CLI Wizard README.

By following these steps and command flow, you can successfully list a new Interchain Token on Squid, ensuring it is integrated and available across multiple blockchains using the Interchain Token Service. For more detailed information and examples, visit the Axelar Documentation.

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