Squid is a transaction bundler at heart. Squid's hooks enable users to sign one transaction and that transaction handles a series of contract interactions like staking, minting, or withdrawing and on either the source chain(the are executing the transaction from) or the destination chain(the chain that they are receiving bridged assets on).

Key Benefits

  • Automation: Both preHooks and postHooks automate repetitive and necessary tasks, reducing manual intervention and the potential for errors.

  • Efficiency: By handling preparatory and follow-up actions automatically, preHooks and postHooks streamline the transaction process, improving efficiency and user satisfaction.

  • Flexibility: Developers can customize workflows to meet specific needs, such as integrating additional checks, swaps, or minting processes tailored to their applications.


Squid's hooks are what makes it possible to do anything across chain.

  • Buy or mint an NFT after a bridging assets

  • Cross-chain swap then stake the assets

  • Unstake assets then perform a cross-chain swap

  • Performa cross-chain swap and then deposit into an exchange

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