Using the full ERC20 or Native balance in a call

The Squid Multicall can update the value of a param on-chain before or after the Swap or bridge has occurred. This lets you do the following:

  • Send the remainder of tokens to the user's address, after minting or buying something at a fixed price

  • Stake the full amount received from a swap

  • Unstake, then swap the full amount across chains

This is designated by using callType

export enum SquidCallType {
  DEFAULT = 0,
  COLLECT_TOKEN_BALANCE = 3, // unused in hooks

const sendRemainderToUserCall = {
        callType: SquidCallType.FULL_TOKEN_BALANCE, // transfer any remaining MAGIC to the user's account
        target: magicToken,
        value: "0",
        callData: transferMagicEncodeData,
        payload: {
          tokenAddress: magicToken,
          inputPos: 1,
        estimatedGas: "50000",

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