Track status

Our status API returns the status of a cross chain transaction. The response param status.squidTransactionStatus tells the user what. they need to do next.

// Wait a few seconds before checking the status
await new Promise((resolve) => setTimeout(resolve, 5000));

// Retrieve the transaction's route status
const getStatusParams = {
  transactionId: txReceipt.transactionHash,
  requestId: requestId,
  integratorId: integratorId,
  fromChainId: polygonId,
  toChainId: arbitrumId,

const status = await squid.getStatus(getStatusParams);

// Display the route status
console.log(`Route status: ${status.squidTransactionStatus}`);

Understanding squidTransactionStatus

This param will tell you what to show the user. There are 5 possible states:

  SUCCESS = "success",
  NEEDS_GAS = "needs_gas",
  ONGOING = "ongoing",
  PARTIAL_SUCCESS = "partial_success",
  NOT_FOUND = "not_found"


This indicates the transaction has completed on all chains. Whether a single chain, 2 chain or 3 chain call, the swap, stake, NFT purchase, bridge etc. has completed without any reversions and the user has received the intended funds.


This state is specific for Axelar transactions. If the gas price has spiked on the destination chain and execution cannot complete, Squid will return this status. The best user flow in this case is to send the user to Axelarscan to view the paused transaction.


There is nothing wrong, nothing to do, just relax and wait. The transaction should have an estimatedRouteDuration in seconds that you can read from the /route response. We generally recommend contacting support after either 15 minutes has passed, or double the estimatedRouteDuration, whichever is larger.


This status indicates that the transaction has completed some of its steps. Currently, there is only one case that could cause this state. In the future there will be many, but we will provide more metadata around the PARTIAL_SUCCESS. For now, this is what has happened:

  • The source chain transaction successfully executed, along with any swaps or contract calls.

  • The destination chain transaction has executed, but reverted during execution. This is usually due to slippage on volatile assets, but if you are trying to buy an NFT or do some cross-chain staking, then it could indicate that the custom hook had a failure.

  • If there is a partial success, the user will have received the bridged token in their wallet on the destination chain. In most cases this is axlUSDC.


The Squid API cannot find an on-chain record of the transaction. This is usually due to our various services or service providers not having indexed the completed transaction. This state is often returned for 5-10 seconds after the transaction was executed, while chain indexing occurs.

This should not persist after maximum a few minutes (some chains such as Filecoin take a very long time to index, and for block inclusion). If it does, then get in touch with us on Discord.

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