Default User Settings

Default slippage: slippage

The default slippage must be selected from the slippage options, which are 0.5%, 1%, 1.5% or 3%.

slippage: 1 // Slippage, see SlippageOption type

Infinite Approval setting: infiniteApproval

When the user swaps tokens with the widget for the first time, they have to grant Squid permission to route the tokens on their behalf.

By enabling the Infinite Approval setting by default, you authorize Squid to route an unlimited amount of them. In some instances, unchecking the Infinite Approval option can improve the user’s security since it limits the amount that is approved by Squid's Router contract.

infiniteApproval: true

Instant execution setting: instantExec

Instant execution is a feature coming in early 2023 that makes any transaction up to only 10 seconds long. A small fee is associated with this setting.

instantExec: true

Price impact warning trigger points: priceImpactWarnings

The user will receive a warning in the UI if the price impact percentage is over the warning value, and will be unable to swap if the price impact is over the critical value.

We recommend keeping these as default.

priceImpactWarnings: {
      warning: 3,
      critical: 5,

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