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Customisable React or iframe widgets built for specific user flows. Recommended in most cases.
  • Fastest to implement
  • Customisable themes
  • Customisable supported tokens, hooks etc
  • Multi-chain wallet management
  • Handle all edge cases regarding cross-chain UX.
  • Different widgets for Swap & Bridge, Staking, Checkout
All the main Squid functions, and some more helpers, in typescript, at your fingertips. Get full control of your UI.
const route = await squid.getRoute(params)
const fromToken = squid.tokens.find(
(t) =>
t.symbol.toLocaleLowerCase() === "USDC" && t.chainId === "1"
Write your own client code for Squid.
Best for traders, wallets, mobile apps, or anyone who prefers not to use Javascript and ethers/wagmi etc.
const getRoute = async (params: any) => {
const result = await axios.get('https://api.squidrouter.com/v1/route', {
params: params,
headers: {
'x-integrator-id': integratorId,
return result.data;