What Squid can do now:

  • Swap any token from an EVM chain to axlUSDC on any Axelar-connected Cosmos chain
  • Bridge Axelar tokens other than axlUSDC (such as ETH, USDT, BNB) directly to Cosmos chains
  • For an example of tokens supported on Osmosis currently, see here

What is coming:

  • Swap any token between Cosmos chains
  • Swap any token between EVM and Cosmos
  • IBC token unwrapping and multi-hop forwarding
  • Calling contracts on Cosmos from EVM wallets
  • Calling contracts on EVM chains from Cosmos wallets
  • Staking, NFT purchases, swaps on multiple DEXs in the Cosmos

Integration recommendation

We aren't publicly mentioning a date for what is coming, but it should all land in the near future.
  • All widget integrations will elegantly upgrade to full any/any swaps.
  • All SDK/API integrations will elegantly upgrade too, though in this case the partner will need to upgrade their front end to support Cosmos wallets signing payloads provided by the Squid API.
Last modified 30d ago