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Squid x Tenderly

Mainnet fork dev environment
Squid has worked with Tenderly to build a powerful cross-chain development environment. This environment is a replicated Mainnet fork of most Squid-supported EVM chains. This lets users and developers test using mainnet liquidity, and is our recommended development environment.
You can spend funds from your account in this environment without spending them on mainnet.
Mainnet fork environment base URL https://axelar-relayer.testsquidrouter.com/api
  • Try connecting your wallet and clicking “switch network” on the source wallet. Metamask should pop up with the new chain config (MAKE SURE YOU DON'T SUBMIT TO REAL MAINNET)
import { Squid } from "@0xsquid/sdk";
(async () => {
// instantiate the SDK
const squid = new Squid();
baseUrl: "https://axelar-relayer.testsquidrouter.com/api", // for testnet use "https://testnet.v2.api.squidrouter.com"
integratorId: "your-integrator-id"
// init the SDK
await squid.init();
console.log("Squid inited");
const baseUrl = "https://v2.api.squidrouter.com/v2"
You can use Tenderly's block explorer and debugger on any transaction submitted to these RPCs.