Get supported tokens and chains

Squid SDK provides all the information you need around the supported tokens and chains consuming them directly from our API

Once you have the SDK inited, you will be able to access the data in the following way:

import { Squid, TokenData } from "@0xsquid/sdk";
const tokens = squid.tokens as TokenData[]
const chains = squid.chains as ChainData[]

Note: Testnet or Mainnet lists will be returned depending on the API endpoint you set in config when initing the SDK.

Example: find tokens by chainId and symbol in the TokenData object

// to get the token Osmo on Osmosis chain on testnet
const fromToken = squid.tokens.find(
    t =>
        t.symbol.toLocaleLowerCase() === "osmo" &&
        t.chainId === "osmo-test-5" 

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