Installing our SDK

Install the SDK via npm or yarn.

npm install --save @0xsquid/sdk


yarn add @0xsquid/sdk

Get an integratorId

You can register to get an integratorId with the Squid Team, please complete this form to acquire one. This isn't compulsory but will enable analytics of usage.

Base URLs



Code example

import { Squid } from "@0xsquid/sdk";

(async () => {
  // instantiate the SDK and pass in configuration parameters
  const squid = new Squid({
    baseUrl: "", 
    integratorId: "your-integrator-id"
  // init the SDK
  await squid.init();
  console.log("Squid inited");

Advanced configuration

Check out Advanced set up if you're a power user.

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