Set your transfer parameters

Before you can send tokens or messages, you'll need to set your parameters.

Now you're ready to set the parameters of your trade request.

Example: Swap 0.05 WETH from Goerli and receive aUSDC on the Avalanche Fuji Tesntet

const params = {
    fromChain: 5, // Goerli testnet
    fromToken: "0xB4FBF271143F4FBf7B91A5ded31805e42b2208d6", // WETH on Goerli
    fromAmount: "50000000000000000", // 0.05 WETH
    toChain: 43113, // Avalanche Fuji Testnet
    toToken: "0x57f1c63497aee0be305b8852b354cec793da43bb", // aUSDC on Avalanche Fuji Testnet
    fromAddress: "0xAD3A87a43489C44f0a8A33113B2745338ae71A9D", // ethers.signer.address; transaction sender address
    toAddress: "0xAD3A87a43489C44f0a8A33113B2745338ae71A9D", // the recipient of the trade
    slippage: 1.00, // 1.00 = 1% max slippage across the entire route
    enableForecall: true, // instant execution service, defaults to true
    quoteOnly: false // optional, defaults to false

Due to low liquidity on testnet, we ask that you limit your trade size in most cases to less than 0.1 of the native gas token (e.g. <0.1 ETH, or AVAX).

Note that the same token types (i.e. USDC) often has a different address on each chain. Make sure you've checked the address is right for the chain you are sending from/to.

Params are structured as a#getroute object. A GetRoute object describes a desired any-to-any transfer. It is defined by the following interface:

Request Params:



Source Chain ID


Address of the sending tokens


Amount of tokens to be sent in WEI


Destination Chain ID


Address of the receiving tokens


Transaction sender address. Will be also used as a fallback address for the source chain


The expected output address that will receive the destination tokens


Max slippage across route, (0.3-99.99) 1 = 1% slippage.

enableForecall (optional)

Instant execution on the destination chain when set to true. Defaults to true.

quoteOnly (optional)

If true, returns only a quote for the route. Omits transaction data needed for execution. Defaults to false

prefer (optional)

When set, the route response will prefer routes from the DEX corresponding to the string. See possible strings here.

Sending/receiving native tokens

If you want to send or receive native tokens (i.e ETH), the sourceTokenAddress or destinationTokenAddress arguments must be set to 0xEeeeeEeeeEeEeeEeEeEeeEEEeeeeEeeeeeeeEEeE

Once you have configured the params object, the next step is to get a route

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