Key Concepts


These concepts are functionalities that persist throughout Squid's Widget, API, and SDK that enable a seamless cross-chain experience for both users and developer. Please read through each feature to understand how they are implemented across Squid

Squid Functionality

The functionality of the Squid boils down to 3 main functionalities:

  1. Route Requests(Fetching a Route): Calculating the most optimized path from one asset to another.

  2. Route Execution: The submission and execution of that path on chain.

  3. Transaction Status: The validation that the transaction has been completed.

There are 3 advanced functionalities enhance Squid's API capabilities:

  1. Transaction Hooks (Pre/Post): Allow transactions to be prepended(prehook) or appended(posthook) to asset transfers for a user. Think unstaking then transferring an asset or transfering an asset across chain then staking.

  2. Boost: Squids novel boost functionality allows cross-chain transactions to be settled in less than 20seconds by using an intent-model, a smart contract overlay which allows a provider to optimistically fulfill a transaction.

  3. Collecting Fees: Always integrators to collect fees associated with transactions. Note, this function is currently not available for v2 yet.

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