Squid Dev Documentation
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This example will be using Mainnet. Testnet or Mainnet?
From the terminal, install our SDK
npm install --save @0xsquid/[email protected] # or higher
Now in your typescript file
import { Squid } from "@0xsquid/sdk";
(async () => {
// instantiate the SDK with config
const squid = new Squid({
baseUrl: "https://v2.api.squidrouter.com",
integratorId: "your-integrator-id"
// init the SDK
await squid.init();
console.log("Squid inited");
const baseUrl = "https://v2.api.squidrouter.com/v2"
// get an integrator-id https://form.typeform.com/to/cqFtqSvX
const integratorId = "<you-integrator-id>"
// Set up JSON RPC provider and signer
const provider = new ethers.providers.JsonRpcProvider(<source-chain-rpc-endpoint>);
const signer = new ethers.Wallet(<privateKey>, provider);
All Squid widgets follow the same basic installation flow. The Quick Start examples will use the xSwap widget.
// to be added:)