Deposits to Cosmos

Squid supports axlUSDC deposits to every Cosmos chain which Axelar supports. This is functioning in testnet now.
The following chains are supported in testnet:
Testnet name
Kujira Harpoon
Sei Atlantic

How to add deposits to your front end:

Option 1: SDK

  • Execute a swap as per standard documentation
  • Set destination chain as a supported Cosmos chain
  • Set destination token address as "uausdc"
Note: you will need an EVM wallet or signer connected to your front end.

Option 2: Widget

Squid is building a front end widget which can be embedded inside your application easily. Config can be set to default the destination chain and tokens to be USDC on your Cosmos chain or app. This is currently in development, and should be ready for testnet integrations in the following weeks.

Cosmos Roadmap

Mainnet supported chains can be seen at
Currently, axlUSDC is the only supported token on Cosmos. Our future roadmap includes all tokens on the Axelar bridge, and includes swaps on Cosmos chains into Cosmos native assets which aren't supported by the bridge.