Build a preHook

preHooks are executed on the Squid Multicall contract on the fromChain before any swaps or bridging has occurred.

After preHooks, the full balance on the Multicall will be swapped or bridged across chains.

The fromToken and fromAmount in your route request should be the amount of tokens you expect to on the Multicall after the preHooks are executed.

The snippet example below illustrates wrapping ETH on Arbitrum then bridging to Binance Smart Chain using both our API and SDK.

To try the full working SDK preHook example, visit our SDK Examples Repository.

//import Squid SDK and types
import { Squid } from "@0xsquid/sdk";
import { ChainType, EvmContractCall } from "@0xsquid/squid-types";

// Import WETH ABI
import wethAbi from "../abi/wethAbi"; // Adjust the path if necessary

// Function to get Squid SDK instance
const getSDK = (): Squid => {
  const squid = new Squid({
    baseUrl: "",
    integratorId: integratorId,
  return squid;

// Main function
(async () => {
  // Initialize Squid SDK
  const squid = getSDK();
  await squid.init();
  console.log("Initialized Squid SDK");

  // Creating Contract interfaces
  const wethInterface = new ethers.utils.Interface(wethAbi);
  const wrapEncodedData = wethInterface.encodeFunctionData("deposit");

  // Set up parameters for wrapping ETH to wETH and bridging to BUSD on Binance Smart Chain
  const params = {
    fromAddress: signer.address,
    fromChain: fromChainId,
    fromToken: WETH_ADDRESS, // WETH on Arbitrum
    fromAmount: amount.toString(),
    toChain: toChainId,
    toToken: toToken,
    toAddress: signer.address,
    slippageConfig: {
      autoMode: 1,
    slippage: 1,
    preHook: {
      chainType: ChainType.EVM,
      fundAmount: amount.toString(),
      fundToken: "0xEeeeeEeeeEeEeeEeEeEeeEEEeeeeEeeeeeeeEEeE", // Native ETH
       calls: [
          chainType: ChainType.EVM,
          callType: 2, // 2 corresponds to CALL_DATA
          target: WETH_ADDRESS,
          value: amount.toString(), // Amount of ETH to wrap
          callData: wrapEncodedData,
          payload: {
            tokenAddress: "0xEeeeeEeeeEeEeeEeEeEeeEEEeeeeEeeeeeeeEEeE", // Native ETH
            inputPos: 0,
          estimatedGas: "500000",
        } as EvmContractCall,
      provider: "Integration Test", //This should be the name of your product or application that is triggering the hook
      description: "Wrap native ETH",
      logoURI: "", //Add your logo here

  console.log("Parameters:", params);

  // Get the swap route using Squid SDK
  const { route, requestId } = await squid.getRoute(params);
  console.log("Calculated route:", route.estimate.toAmount);

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